Mixed Gas Suppliers - We supply Carbon Dioxide and Mixed Gases.


* FREE LOCAL DELIVERY SERVICE (FORTNIGHTLY) Call us on 0191 5238008 today!




* OUT OF HOURS SERVICE - We work around your needs




* We supply the main 3 types of gas.


* Co2 (majority used for pop and the new Tango ice blast machines)


* Co2 is a prominent product line because it freezes the slush in the ice.


Beers without bottles

Some of the lagers are still on the Co2 but we can advise you if you need to switch to the new trend of 60/40 gas. The reason behind this is lagers now are presented with more of a head. Many premium brands such as Stella Artois and Moretti. This is because this is used for more presentation pints as opposed to beers which is flat. Ciders are even going on to 60/40 now because it's more about presentation now and the premium lagers demand more on the 60/40 gas. Beers need 30/70 gas, more smooth.We can advise on this.



* We supply many local restaurant chains such as Sambuca's.


Sambuca Restaurant Blyth


* We supply local chains such as Gills Fish Shops











90, Ryhope Street South
0191 5238008

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